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Home Security Spy Cameras,Covert Surveillance,Vehicle GPS Trackers We can supply professional spy gear and equipment which include audio and visual covert surveillance equipment and tracking devices that can be used for finding out about fraud and crime.Our surveillance gadgets are fully guaranteed and we have a wealth of experience in covert surveillance maybe you need to monitor and gather evidence in the workplace or there is a domestic problem you need to get to the bottom of Spy Gadgets UK can help.

Sometimes you just need to find things out ! this is possible by using high tech spying gadgets and surveillance equipment. Maybe it’s a cheating spouse or a light fingered thief whatever your problem spy gadgets uk can supply all your covert surveillance equipment.

Vehicle Trackers

We supply GPS vehicle trackers they are also ideal for tracking elderly relatives, children, dogs and individuals that are at risk. the small size can easily be put in a pocket or purse. Maybe you suspect your spouse is cheating track in real time as close as 30 metres.

Listening Devices

Our covert listening devices are easy to use no complicated set up, just install a pay as you go SIM card, place the listening device at your chosen place dial the number and listen through your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Hidden Cameras

Place our hidden spy cameras anywhere you want, maybe you suspect an elderly relative is being mistreated or one of the carer’s is thieving, our covert cameras can be used in the workplace to gather evidence of harassment or fraud the list is endless.